Wow, it sure is freaky how we all came back to our blogs at the same time! If I didn’t know better I’d say there were supernatural forces at work ;P

Patience pls

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Wow, it sure is freaky how we all came back to our blogs at the same time! If I didn’t know better I’d say there were supernatural forces at work ;P


the brothers bright: ‘awake, o sleeper’

oh, abraham would raise his hands and mourn this very day, for the children left the promised land in search of their own way. they kick and scream like wayward sons, always wanting to sleep and dream away these evil days in hopes that god can’t see.
your suffering will come again and never fall away, for we trade our many comforts like the one who bled for grace. there will come a day my god will come and put me in my place; my god, i pray you’ll call my name instead of turn away.

there are chains upon your children, lord, chains upon your children. there are chains upon your children, we’re in chains…

do you hear the lion roar? {awake, o sleeper}
stay with me, we’ll fight the war {awake, o sleeper!}

let no man bring me harm; i bear the marks of jesus.
let no man bring me harm— i bear the marks of the lord.


“Honestly Patience, I don’t mind if you sit and complain for a bit.” Adelaide nods and sets down her tea. “Whens the last time you’ve gotten to do that and take a bit of the world off your shoulders? You do all this watching over all of us. Who watches over you?”

She shakes her head and sighs. “That can’t be healthy. Not as long as this is going on.”

Honestly - she’s not shocked in the slightest, because this is Kindness, and Adelaide besides, and… She’s not subtle.


She laughs, and shakes her head.

"No, it’s fine, honestly. I have Dilly to talk to, and Michael sometimes, and -" give her a second, she’s going to start pulling names out of thin air, "- Ira, obviously, and even Lux! You should hear me with them, honestly, all I do is whine."

It’s not even a lie, besides.

"Anyway, I’m an immortal soundwave with three heads, I can wait. You’re… not. I’d rather just focus on you right now, if that’s okay?"


Farofa do dia:

”K Koke - Lay Down Your Weapons ft. Rita Ora”.



Her fingers tighten even more on the mug as she listens. “That wasn’t something I had even considered. Separate they’re dangerous. Together they’d be catastrophic. Got it.”

She sipped at her tea while she thought about that. “Sounds like we are but…Micheal wouldn’t let anything bad happen, would he. It’ll be okay. And like I said before, I’ll help anyway I can.”

"It’s just them that do that, though. The other four Fell in bits and pieces, but they leapt down together. They were always close, even Before. This just cemented their fighting stile. And it works, I suppose, so you can’t really blame them. I remember the first time they really perfected it, we were all in Alexandria."

She grimaces, and then starts.

"But here I am taking advantage of you to complain! Wow, no, I’m really sorry about that, I let my mouth run away with me, I’m going to —"

Patience mimes zipping her lip.



making my way downtown



making my way downtown


“Everyone’s waiting to see what happens.” There’s more nodding from Adelaide as she takes that in. Though she only really knows Jamie from the few times she’s interacted with him, her stomach still twists uncomfortably at that. “Why’s it such a big threat though?”

There’s a bit of laughter when Patience makes another inadvertent joke.

“Sounds like the best plan of attack, honestly. Though…” she shakes her head and laughs even more. “It’s not like I’m all that good at tactical maneuvering.”

Patience waves her hands, trying to explain.

"Alone, Pride is the biggest threat. I mean, well, they would be, wouldn’t they." A pause. "Oh, right, you don’t know the story - Pride is Lucifer. But, anyway, alone? Pride, worst, hands down. Together, though, Wrath and Envy are the biggest threat. They…. They feed into on another. None of the others do that quite so well, and it means they operate at twice the power most of us can handle. Once they start, they can’t be separated, so the best we can do is have Dilly and me try and hold them in place while Michael severs the bond. The fact that we came so close to that and they backed down again?"

She shrugs, and frowns.

"We’re off the beaten track here."


“Michael.” Jamie. Humilitas. “The fact that everyone’s getting along this time has to mean that something’s different. Maybe just enjoy it while it lasts while making a contingency plan all the same.”

Adelaide tucked her hair behind her ear and follows her friend’s gaze.

“I can do that,” she assured Patience softly. “What happens if it doesn’t help her cope?”

She nods, smiling.

"That’s our theory too. That’s why Hum isn’t assuming direct control, we’re all waiting to see what happens next. And, worst case scenario, he just got us good tactical info on the biggest threat we face bar Luci. It feels awful to think about our friends like that, but what else can we do? G - Dad never comes down to this level, we’re all just winging it - excuse the pun."

She turns away from the door, and shrugs.

"I don’t know. I suppose I hand it over to Dilly, and let him decide. He outranks me for a reason, and I trust he’ll do what’s best. Especially since Michael isn’t here."


That twisted at her heart a bit and she felt something almost twitch inside herself. “Because everyone’s getting along right now. Right. As long as everyone gets along that means there’s no emergency waking.”

“Oh. Oh.” Adelaide covers her mouth, briefly wishing to stuff them back in her mouth. As it was she just nods and lowers her voice. “Got it. None of that here. Anything I can do to help out?”

There’s no need to ask about that.

"Which is good! We don’t normally have the Fallen up and about, either, which is why we’re all on edge. Normally by the time Wrath and Envy are operating together, we’re knee deep in blood, but this time we aren’t. I like it better this way, all of us working for peace, but Dilly doesn’t trust it. And Micheal’s with them, which nobody likes, no matter how much we want to trust the other side."

Patience glances back at the spare room, and sighs.

"Human contact, I think. We’re taking shifts when she’s asleep trying to see if some combination of "persevere" and "peaceful resolution" will help her cope, but we don’t know."



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March 2nd4


“The great fire…” There was a bit of blinking at that. “Once they wake up that’s the end of getting along then?” 

When Patience leaves and returns, Adelaide holds out her hands for the envelope. “No it’s more than enough. Maybe it’ll help things really click later on. I don’t really feel all that different now.”

She glances over it while murmuring each sin and virtue to herself. “God and Pride? Are they awake yet?”

She nods, smile dropping.

"Nine times out of ten, yeah. Which is why this time is such a big deal!"

When Adelaide mentions Pride, Patience visibly flinches, before pointing to the spare room.

"Cass - the G Word, don’t say it - she’s the one we can’t wake yet. She’s staying with us so I can keep an eye on her, see if I can’t make things easier."

She doesn’t say anything about Pride. It’s a sore spot.


Can I sleep forever?

Nope! :)

March 2nd4